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A Necessary Tool For Every Marketer’s Toolbox

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The majority of online marketers would probably agree that for almost any internet business, building a list is an important part in promoting your opportunity and/or building a team.  Some even say “The money is in the list.”  There are numerous ways to build a list and everyone knows what works best for them, their organization or their program.

But as you build your list and team, what happens next can make or break your whole program.  This is where a lot of network marketing leaders lose what they have worked so hard for and most of them do not even know how or why.  Losing members is growing your program in the wrong direction and the main culprit is a lack of communication.

What marketers may or may not realize, as the result of building a team, is the experience levels amongst the members will fluctuate and change.  “Newbies” join your team and then look for guidance how to make the program work for them.  Most leaders have something like step-by-step instructions for them to get started.  Unfortunately, most of the time, it stops at this point.  There may be a few emails to offer some advice but follow-up and/or follow through can be pushed to the side due to time constraints with having to write additional messages.   There is also time required to respond to individual questions from each member.  Even if you have autoresponders or templates set-up for continuity, emails do not necessarily bring a sense of “I am here to help you” or the impression of working as a team.  At some point, some new members may feel like they have been abandoned and quit.

Veterans to your program are also looking for guidance in how to take their program to the next level.  This takes more of your time and effort in supplying them with emails on information they need.  Some of the veteran members may try to go it on

their own which can often fracture the team concept you have been trying to build.

Unfortunately, which is somewhat understood, the tendency of the leader is to concentrate on getting new members in their opportunity and time for those already in the program may be limited.  What can alleviate this potential problem is a medium which can provide information for the “newbie” and “oldbie”, provide timely updates and program changes, and keep the members engaged on building their own program.

Of course, the best communication is face-to-face but for online marketers, the next best thing is a conference call or webinar.  Even with today’s technology, online conference call systems and/or webinar programs are few and often come with a hefty price tag.  Needless to say, this avenue of communication is a great way to share pertinent information worldwide.  It offers the opportunity to pass real time data; what is working and what is not working within a program according to the business and online environment.

I have seen/used some of the online conference calls and webinar programs available today and they defintely vary in capabilities.  Some are too basic with very few functions and others seem like you need a Ph. D. to understand and moderate.  The cost is another thing that can put this much needed asset out of reach.  I seriously believe more marketing leaders would use this type of communication if it was affordable.

The newest conference call/webinar program on the internet is GVO Conference.  It is very user friendly and carries a great amount of functionality for sharing information.  But the best aspect of this program is the price point; just $8.97 per month!  For less than $9 a month, you can stay connected with your team, teach and train them, answer their questions and provide business overview presentations to help everyone.  This is a program that any serious marketer and/or leader needs in order to communicate with their team and streamline their time management.

Another facet to GVO Conference that you do not see in other programs is the income opportunity associated with being a member.  The compensation plan is solid and can easily provide earnings to offset your monthly fee.

Whatever you do as a marketer and/or leader, stay engaged with your team and they will stay engaged with you.


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