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What Internet Marketing Means

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If you spend most of your days on the internet, you will find it hard to believe that a lot of people have never heard of online marketing.

But, it is true. As well, it is true that there are millions of people who have never bought anything on the internet. You have to know that online marketing is just the marketing of the services and products over the internet. Sounds obvious when you think about it, as many phrases which have crept into modern language, it could seem shrouded in mystery for the unfamiliar.

Online marketing brings together the whole range of skills required to sell goods and services, however doing it through the internet. This covers the technical and creative aspects of doing business, including such things as product development, design, marketing, advertising and customer support.

As a rule, offline business has always had what it called a sales cycle staring from attracting potential customers, on through the selling process and them on into delivering the service or product as well as after sales support. Online marketing could be applied to support this process as well as could be inserted at different points along the customer journey.

When it comes to online marketing, there are some business models linked to this format of the business:

– eCommerce

You have to know that this is a process of selling services or products direct to customers. Your customers could be people, organizations or businesses.

– Advertising

This is all about selling advertising space on website or within customer communications like newsletters.

– Affiliate marketing

This is where products or services which are created by one business are promoted by another person who earns a commission if someone purchases as a result of their promotion. As a rule, this is done when a customer clicks on a link which directs them to the website where they purchase the product.

– Lead generation

Today there are a lot of businesses that will pay a commission others to generate leads for them. After that these are followed up and the leads turned into purchasing customers. Since a business has to know the lifetime value of a customer, this could be cost effective way of bringing in new business as the commission paid will be only a small part of that customer’s lifetime value.

– Email marketing

Today a lot of marketers capture the email addresses of the visitors to their websites in exchange for free gifts. After that the visitor receives a series of emails, traditionally containing further information which is of value to them. Within this series of emails, the internet market will promote services and goods and make money from any sales that are made as a result.

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If you do this, it can save you colossal money on buying advertising online. Smart link building will help you to achieve great results with your Internet business.

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