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Article Twin – My Source Of Virtually Unlimited Unique Fresh Content.

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I’m pretty sure that you have stumbled upon a major problem while trying to do your article marketing – you quickly run out of the fresh content to be submitted (meaning, even if it is spun, you still need a master-article) to the directories and blogs. And when you try to hire copywriters, you end up paying lots of money. Not fun.

Same goes for article spinning really. Boring, boring, boring… After I spun my 30th or so article, I felt like having a week long vacation… Honestly, I have better (read – more important) things to do, rather than inserting a bunch of synonyms every day… Of course, automated, or, “the machine” spinning is not an answer, because most of my articles would be simply rejected then, I’m over this idea already…

So, I was kind of stuck with either paying quite a lot to writers or sit and spend hours writing and spinning articles on my own. Until Mike, a friend of mine who also earns his living with SEO (of which article marketing is a vital part as you may understand) gave me a hint. A hint that literally made me feel relieved.

His consideration was as following – over 4 billion people speak English. Hundreds of millions use internet daily. Millions can write articles and be connected online. There are many thousands of SEO people just like me, striving to find the ultimate solution to the inexpensive and unique content. So there simply Must be a service online that somehow gets all pieces together.

And there is. To my best knowledge, the one and only of a kind. An online service that combines SEO guys, copywriters and spun articles production. Hee-Haa! Why wouldn’t I have thought of it earlier, it would have saved me so much frustration and time… They are called Article Twin and working with them is easy as 1,2,3.

You register for free, credit your personal account (well, that’s probably the most tricky part as they work with the electronic currency only at the moment, but if there is a will, there is way, plus – they work with PayPal), upload your guidelines for the articles you need and then choose how much to pay. That’s it. Most important, you can get your articles piping-hot-ready in just 3 hours and they are still inexpensive! That’s just amazing, I can imagine now how popular this system must be within the copywriters’ circles, if the response to my order can be that fast.

Hey, that’ s not all.

One goodness after another. Those articles not only unique, they are written by people, based particularly on your requirements. And, you can rate the authors and shortlist only top writers that will write for you. Again – for pennies. Same goes for the spinning: you simply upload any of your text to the system, create an order and get your fully tagged master copy of it that you can use with any submission system.

I realize I sound too positive, but I as I said – I feel happy. Just like a heavy weight is off my shoulders.

I didn’t really like to spend hours writing and spinning, and now I simply don’t need to. Guys just doing that for me, and I’m not spending much money at all. That’s a really big step towards a complete article marketing automation for me.

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