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How To Begin Building Website Traffic

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For the people out on the web trying to earn money online by running an online business you probably already know how difficult it is to start building free website traffic. Anyone can use the free resources and create a website that is ready to earn, but few will actually reach the top of Google for highly competitive keyterms which generate hundreds of leads daily. When trying to increase your websites traffic it is important to look at the different types of traffic. The first two types is free web traffic and paid web traffic. You can break down free web traffic into two different types. The first type of free web traffic is organic and referral traffic. This type of traffic is gained from search engines and link building. The second type of traffic is generated from actively participating in the major social websites. Paid traffic can be gained from ppc advertising and purchasing ad space. There are also websites which you can simply pay to have people look at your site. Do not let your entire internet marketing campaign rely solely on paid traffic methods.

To begin search engine optimization you should first know what keywords you would like to rank well for. These keywords should be closely relevant to whatever your selling and carry a decent amount of traffic. To find your keywords go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool which you can find by searching Google. Type in a few keywords that represent your site and look through the list of relevant keywords. The nice thing about this tool is it will list 100 keywords that are relevant to the keywords you entered and show you the monthly search volume. Chose keywords that have at least a couple thousand monthly searches and place them on your site. Some of the places which carry significant weight with the search engines include the URL, titles, and the first few sentences of content. You should also be submitting all content to the major social bookmarking websites. Social networking is another important part of increasing free web traffic. Use websites such as twitter and facebook to improve your relationship with your audience not to promote your site.

Once you begin receiving visitors with free methods you may want to consider improving traffic numbers with paid sources. There are many to choose from and when looking through the different paid methods one thing to keep in mind is how targeted traffic you will be receiving is. One of the most common forms of paid traffic is ppc advertising. You can go to Google Adwords and set up an account paying a certain amount each month. Another form of paid traffic is purchasing ad space on a website that is ranked well for keywords in your niche. This is one of the more difficult forms of paid traffic to master. It is possible to receive way more traffic than any other method or much less.

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