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Ultimate Footer Popup Review-Increase Your Advertising Revenue With Your Blog

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Do you want to learn about “Ultimate Footer Popup Review“? Do you expect to learn more regarding the credibility of Graham Cox & Jeff Gardner? Or is Ultimate Footer Popup Scam or genuine product?

Who ever asserted one domain can’t provide you with Multiple Income Streams? You will be amazed at the number of Income Streams you could have with one blog when you develop the visitors to it. While I was trying to escape my computer room, I couldn’t help but start to think about how many different income streams I could develop from my blog. These income streams relate to advertising, but I also considered other ways to monetize my blog, so I desired to include these in this article in hopes that I can open the mind and provide you with some great income generating ideas.

To begin with we desired to inform you that we’re using Carl Ocab’s Ultimate Blogging Theme which allows you to slice up your blog to find the most advertising revenue streams together with your blog.

Blog Monetization Tip #1 – Provide a 468×60 Regulation Banner on top right of your blog.

This is considered prime Property and you should charge more with this than for any other space on your website. I would charge a grip for this space and would recommend offering this space on an exclusive basis verses offering a rotation option.

Blog Monetization Tip #2 – Provide a 125×125 Banner about the right side navigation of the blog.

If you get more than 100 visitors daily you are able to supply to 10 of these ad positions and collect a fee every month from each advertiser. I would recommend charging about $10.00 monthly for each 100 unique visitors per day your website receives.

Blog Monetization Tip #3 – Offer backlinks on the right side navigation of your blog.

Right now we allow our clients 25 characters and 4 words of anchor text. For those not in the know these are links this website visitors click on when they are surfing the web.

Blog Monetization Tip #4 – Offer text links in the footer of your blog.

If you offer these backlinks at a low price you need to get advertisers looking forward to these ads. I’d offer these for around 30 – 50 % of that which you charge for your right nav text links.

Offer Solo Ads in your blog. Rather than charging advertisers a 1 time fee to blast out a one time email on their behalf, why don’t you offer them the benefit of a life-time post with full SEO benefits for a one time fee? What we do is permit them to take their hyperlink in your body and at the bottom of their posts. We question them the post be unique content and the’ve to write it themselves, or we will for $25.00 if they are too busy or have no idea how.

I wish this article regarding to “Ultimate Footer Popup” has assisted you so far. If not, please continue reading…

And a Solo Ad on our blog, we also offer a featured post. We’ll leave their post within our featured section for Seven days. All the same rules and benefits affect your blog Solo Ads above but we’ll charge them more. After 7 days their post remains for life but it is simply not featured at the very top anymore.

Another thing you can do to monetize your site is by doing reviews of affiliate programs and linking to them. There are no shortage of companies who will pay you for network marketing as well as recurring sales. Our websites for example is totally focused around selling high ticket products and recurring income products from Clickbank. Between Clickbank and Commission Junction you will find thousands of product to select from.

Depending on what niche you’re in you may be more of a specialist in that niche than you think you’re. This means you can charge for consulting services on an hourly basis. Even if you charge just $100 each hour twice a week that’s $800 per month simply for this. We perform a 1hr phone consult and give them 3 emails after this to answer any queries not included in phone.

Do not take it as a given everyone knows what you know or that others just do because there might be some free info on the net since the subject. So many people are completely new just logging onto the web the other day and your advice could save them thousands of dollars or more.

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