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Nowadays, Twitter is well-known among the online businesses as the best way of marketing that can be found in the Internet. The truth is that people either love it pretty much or do not have any idea on how to use it. However, it is more than vivid that Twitter can be one of the most powerful devices in your online marketing field in case you are familiar with the main rules of its proper usage. Through creating a huge range of diligent followers, you can easily generate more sales and your business will have the quick run. The aim of this article, therefore, is to teach you how to create your very own Twitter army.
1) Keep it casual
If your tweets have much to do about your online business, you will surely have some difficulties trying to keep all your followers on your list. From this very reason you are recommended to post one business tweet to about twenty followers from your list.

Usually people do not like feeling like they are made or pushed to purchase something. That is why when you provide too many emails to your customers, the list of your followers is likely to drop instantly. Indeed, people prefer to know more information about who they are cooperating with, what you are doing at this very moment and some other stuff. So, the best advice is to keep it personal and try to post tweet about online marketing products from time to time and believe me people would be extremely excited to read your mails each time you send them something.
2) Follow as many people as you can
If you do not know how to work with Twitter, then you are to start following as many people as you can.

As soon as you become popular in the Twitterverse, you can surely quit some people from your list and continue working only with the most profitable ones. What is more, you would like your followers to be such individuals who will be

interested in your offers and will have the desire to go on the collaboration with you.
3) Spam messages
Admittedly, direct messages are the best methods to chat with other people without any necessity to post a tweet on your Twitter home page. Surely, many people used to send out direct messages to the new visitors from their lists. I must admit that this is a really bright idea. But you should not send spam messages to these people, as you risk losing your reputation and good money as well. Besides, the most important rule that you must always keep in mind is that there would be no second chance for you to make a first good impression. That is why, it is necessary to care of your clients.

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