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I decided that I needed to get on board the Internet Entrepreneur bandwagon and make my fortune online. I researched the web, taking a look at blogs, websites, movies, programs, seminars, webinars, and books. It was all very fascinating but there seemed to be one thing missing.

I didn’t have a ‘actual’ product to sell, I’m not actually an knowledgeable on anything, and all the data I used to be gathering just appeared to confuse me greater than clarify. I had info overload or ‘analysis paralysis’. Loads of ideas but no action so no extra cash in my checking account!

I wanted a single information to stroll me via the creation of my first Web sale. I came throughout an advert for the RichJerk e book, it was written in a vibrant and ingenious style. The writer tells you how good and wealthy he is. He then tells you that you’ll never make any cash as a result of your not worthy. It fuelled my aggressive spirit and made me read on. This guy really was a jerk, however from the evaluations and testimonials, he was also very rich and knew easy methods to make me wealthy too.

By following the advert links, I received to the order web page, then paused. Did I really want to order? May I become profitable on-line with Rich Jerk? I believed long and laborious before deciding that it was well worth the threat, (there’s actually a 60 day guarantee so not truly to much of a threat), and for less than ten dollars, i rated it as a small outlay for my potential fortune. There are lots of different packages and books on the market however these typically retail for much more and do not provide as a lot in return.

As soon as I had started to learn the ebook, I broke the unhealthy habit of a lifetime and took some motion! I didn’t use the website provided with the e book, as this requires monthly hosting fees. Although the hosting charges are cheap, I decided to make use of the free Google blogger site to create my first Blog. Following the steps from RichJerk, I shortly created my weblog around a product that I had sourced to promote as an affiliate. RichJerk provides nice useful resource links to help you discover these affiliate merchandise, so that each time somebody buys the product after clicking on the hyperlink in your internet web page, you receives a commission a commission.

You do not need your personal product but, but Rich Jerk also offers incredible guidance on how to do that because it offers the greatest profit. So I was now on-line, with my own weblog, selling a product using the instruments I had learned. I felt ecstatic. Still no sale though as i wanted to get Internet surfers to search out my blog earlier than they may click on on the hyperlinks to purchase my product.

Again to RichJerk then, for the chapter on increasing visitors (readers) to your blog. I followed the tips on getting noticed by the Googlebot web crawler so that my blog could be picked up on the search engines. There were recommendations on using metatags and also inserting html code. I had all the time averted all this technical stuff but discovered it relatively easy to grasp utilizing rich jerk as a step by step guide.

I continued to submit articles on my weblog, used social networking websites like twitter and Facebook to increase the number of guests to my site, checked the information using Google analytics, after which bought my first product. It was bliss, I felt so blissful, I did generate income online with Rich Jerk, utilizing the strategies laid out, clearly and simply.

The money from this weblog didn’t change my life. I did not retire to a secluded island, I didn’t leave my day job, however I did start to put a bit extra money into my bank each month. I added AdSense to my weblog as soon as the traffic was persistently coming, as doing it then will increase the value of your click on funds, I added affiliate amazon products and an eBay shop. All lined in numerous chapters of RichJerk.

However the principle factor I did was repeat the whole course of for an additional product, then one other, then another.

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