A Guide For Overcoming Writers Block

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Some tips to help you keep up the pace with your article marketing campaign, consistency is so very important in order to get good results.

Anyone who has been involved with article marketing for any length of time will know that dreaded ‘block’ can plague us at anytime!

If you are building traffic to your website through article marketing then you will know how vital it is to keep pumping out the goods. It’s not always that we feel like engaging our brains and writing, and sometimes we may even be lacking in ideas to write about.

The search engines pay more attention to websites that are regularly updated so you must force yourself to be consistent. I would advise that you are creating a new article every day if you want this to get the best results. If you persevere and stick to this regime then the first reward you will notice is super fast indexing of your content by Google. I often get my new content indexed within minutes. You can check what Google has indexed on your site by using ‘site:”www.mywebsite.com”‘ in Google search.

Keep thinking to yourself how much more powerful your website becomes when Google visits and indexes your new content with minutes!

This should help you to kick in to gear and start writing Another motivating tip I would suggest to you is to get the Alexa ‘Sparky’ tool, this will show your Alexa ranking when you visit your own site, seeing a constant increase is very motivating!.

Check your target keywords in Google about once or twice a week, see how you’re doing in the rankings. Make it a weekly thing and not every day! If you are doing things consistently then you will see a steady increase of your rankings in Google and other search engines. Very motivating!

Be sure to make article writing an important part of your routine, make a pact with yourself that you won’t rest until its done. Even if you think it’s not up to your usual standard, just get it out there, you can always tweak it later. Just choose a topic and write, even if you don’t do any keyword research.. Having a hard time thinking of what to write about? Then just do some random searches in Google relating to your niche with an open mind and I guarantee you will find something to write about.

Keep in mind why you are producing content.

It may take 3 months of solid work, but who cares when in 3-6 months you will be having hundreds of visitors a day visiting your website, opting in to your sales funnel, earning you affiliate commissions and joining up with your business. When you have that flood of visitors take a well earned break and feel proud of what you have accomplished Article marketing is a long term strategy and will reward you for years to come.

There’s a good old saying, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ You can liken your business online to this saying.

Short term pain for long term gain

I have set myself a challenge to create one new article everyday for the next 8 weeks, will you join me?

Every marketer must overcome writer’s block. To learn how to generate over 10,000 visitors to your website in 8 weeks, get your free boot camp course by visiting my Network Marketing success blog.

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