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There are so many search engine marketing myths out there; I decided to write down a short collection of articles debunking a number of the frequent myths. This next one may come as a surprise – nevertheless it’s true I hear it often!

search engine optimisation MYTH # 2: Search engines usually are not as valuable as different media.

It seems shocking that anyone may question the value of high rankings in right this moment’s Google centric world – nevertheless it does happen. Many individuals don’t absolutely perceive the affect of prime rankings on their site. So, let’s check out the truth and debunk this fantasy as soon as and for all.

website positioning TRUTH # 2: Search engines like google and yahoo are the NUMBER ONE method people discover what they’re in search of on the internet.

“Top Methods Web sites are Found – It’s Not What You Suppose!”

Banner advertisements 1%

Focused electronic mail 1.2%

TV spots 1.4%

“By chance” 2.1%

Journal advertisements 4.four%

Phrase-of-mouth 20%

Random Browsing 20%

Search Engines forty six%

An outdated article on the front page of USA Right this moment (which means it truly is huge news) talked about why companies are keen to pay for search engine optimisation and correction of search engine optimization Friendliness issues on their site. Be mindful this was four years ago and it has solely gotten larger and more necessary since then.

“Corporations pay as a result of about 80% of Web searches are performed with Google know-how, says a web-based newsletter.

That is 200 million searches a day, whether or not on Google or on affiliates akin to America Online, Yahoo and CNN.com.”

(Source: For Google, many retailers eagerly leap by means of hoops ; Jefferson Graham. USA TODAY. Feb 5, 2004. pg. A.01 )

So, now that you just understand the significance of search engine optimization, listed here are some issues to consider when looking at varied totally different advertising and marketing choices:

1. What are my costs for junk mail, banner ads, print ads, cubicles at trade exhibits, and so forth? Compare that to your website positioning costs.

2. Wouldn’t it be price $10-20 per day to my enterprise to have each aspect of website positioning taken care of by professionals who guarantee outcomes? Can I really afford NOT to have this publicity within the engines that my competitors do?

Don’t get me improper, I am not saying to ignore different types of advertising – after all you need to take a look at, check out and use varied advertising campaigns (the key is track the outcomes so you recognize which ones to keep). Nevertheless search engine optimization should be your foundation, along with other advertising and marketing that you’re doing.
Jennifer Horowitz is the Director of Advertising for EcomBuffet.com. Since 1998 Jennifer’s experience in marketing and Search Engine Optimization (website positioning) has helped shoppers increase revenue. Jennifer has written a downloadable guide on search engine marketing and has been revealed in many website positioning and marketing publications. Jennifer is the editor of the favored Highlight on Success: search engine marketing and Marketing newsletter.

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