Spyware, Viruses, And Hacker Attacks Can Cause Irreparable Damage To Small Business.

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Many owners of small and medium enterprises for some reason think that online threat exists only for large corporations. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. According to the Alliance for Internet Security (Internet Security Alliance), a network worm Mydoom struck every third small and medium sized business and only one – of six big ones.

F alse sense of security does

a great harm to small concerns that do not protect their computers and networks from spyware, viruses, worms, and hacker attacks and data theft. Businessmen are busy people, and they have no time to deal with security. Sometimes they just forget about it. As a result, according to research firm AMI-Partners, almost half of small and medium-sized enterprises do not take elementary steps to protect their information assets, that is, they do not install anti-virus programs and tools to combat spyware.

Why do they risk?

There are several reasons why the network, computers and data of small businesses have become tempting bait for attackers.

First, to break into corporate networks is becoming increasingly difficult: in recent years the level of security has grown significantly. This is due to the devastating attacks and new regulatory requirements. Therefore, criminals are increasingly turning their sights on a more easy prey – small business.

Secondly, s it is easier to find unprotected system. Many hackers constantly scan the Internet looking for unprotected networks and devices. Finding an unprotected computer, the hacker puts it under his control and uses for attack other computers and networks.

Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and damaging. Developers of spyware software attempt to create a “lethal” program, which resist attempts to remove, constantly mutating and in a few minutes can reach the entire Internet. Increasingly, there are “complex attack” (blended threats), which simultaneously uses many methods and forms of malicious activity. A small business that ignores such threats can easily fall a victim to them.

Quite often a source of threat is not from the outside, but inside the enterprise, the employee can act without malice and make danger on their negligence. For example, he can “catch” a virus or spyware in the network game or when he visits a particular site. In addition, a small business provides opportunities for intentional hacking because its systems are not protected as securely as a system of large enterprises.

As a result, the probability of attacks is growing, moreover, that small company has no such financial resources, expertise and staff, as a large corporation. If a small business is under attack denial of service “(DoS), it will suffer huge financial losses. In addition, its image and reputation will be seriously affected.

What to do?

Fortunately, in the market there are many means of protection of business from online threats. The main thing is not to not forget to include security issues in the business plan. Security must take their rightful place in the business plans and receive high priority. In addition, it is need to develop – in writing – a detailed plan to strengthen security, which would have given the rules, procedures and technology collaboration with customers and other staff. If security procedures are not recorded in writing be sure there are employees who they distort, or simply ignore.

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