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Unemployment is one of the most urgent social problems nowadays. Social and economic problems all over the world, requiring a solution, remain unsolved, causing the series of other problems.

Thus, the economic crisis of the last two years touched all spheres of life throughout the world. As a result, thousands of companies, firms and enterprises had financial problems, which could only be solved by dismissing a number of workers. That was how the panic all over the world began. People were fired and dismissed, because their managers and bosses could not pay them anymore. Financial problems made them change their politics and all companies had to economize to save themselves from crisis and bankruptcy. Unfortunately, thousands of people lost their jobs and could not find other ones, because other corporations and enterprises were affected by global financial crisis too. People had to change the field of activity. Good economists and financiers had to become consultants and clerks; those, who headed firms and corporations, also lost their privileges. Those were tough times and they had to be overcome. People were trying to find the way out of the situation and they accepted all possible offers and used every job opportunity to keep their families and themselves. Internet marketing came to rescue, when it seemed that there was no way out of situation.

The exact date of appearance of Internet marketing is unknown. Supposedly, Internet marketing began to develop together with the development of Internet technologies. Originally, people, who resorted to on-line moneymaking opportunities, referred any job on the Internet to this term. On-line stores and exchanges can also be considered as the types of Internet marketing. So, Internet marketing was there to help desperate unemployed people find their ways. There were several available options then and they were waiting to be used by those, who were in need. Here are some of these options:

1. Starting a private on-line business. Owning a business on the Internet does not require much time and efforts to be applied. All you have to do is to get your own web site and choose the group of merchandise you will sell. Let it be something you are good at. If you love clothes or perfumery, set up a

clothes or cosmetics store.

2. Affiliate marketing. Newspapers and billboards on the Internet are teeming with ads, offering jobs to people, who want to earn living from home. We don’t take such ads seriously, because such offers look careless and stupid. However, most of them can work, if you check them. Affiliate marketers promote web sites for those people, who want to attract more clients and customers. Affiliate marketing can be a good job opportunity.

Don’t miss it, if you want to find a good job.

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Make traffic from Google and other search engines part of your internet marketing plan – and you will seriously increase the revenue from your products online.

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