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More than ever before, small and mid-sized companies have an amazing opportunity to reach a new audience by marketing themselves online.

In fact, in today’s competitive marketplace, businesses MUST have a strong online presence in order to survive!

One reason that it is so crucial for a small or mid-sized business to have a strong online presence is that people who were Nintendo-addicted, technologically savvy kids 10 years ago are now young adults in need of every-day goods and services.

This young generation now owns houses and cars: they have families to support and care for.

They are in need of every-day services such as plumbers, electricians, and landscapers. They need to find dentists, family doctors and chiropractors…..and they are going online to do it!

This new generation of young adults is much more likely to search for goods and services online than to use print methods such as magazines, newspapers, flyers, or phone books such as the yellow or white pages.

An experienced Edmonton SEO company will get your business listed on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Msn so that your website will be readily accessible to the modern consumer.

In order to capture the attention of the modern consumer, a small or mid-sized business is well advised to consider contracting an Edmonton SEO company to implement a localized internet marketing strategy for it.

Edmonton SEO firms specialize in generating new leads and customers for their clients.

When done properly by a qualified Edmonton SEO firm, localized internet marketing can greatly increase a company’s revenue!

The three primary strategies that an Edmonton SEO firm will typically employ when conducting an internet localized marketing campaign are:

– SEO & Keyword Analysis
– Article Marketing & Link Submission
– Social Media & Email marketing

If you find yourself wondering whether localized internet marketing is a necessary strategy, consider the following facts (derived from TMP Directional Marketing,

– On average, a consumer performs 87 internet searches per month.

– Search intensity and engagement is rapidly growing.

– Non search engine sites (social media) are growing more rapidly than Search Engine Sites.

Here are the most convincing statistics of all:

81% of consumers now use the internet to research a product or service that they intend to buy!

– When a local business searcher reaches your website, they make contact with your business 46% of the time!

46% of them will phone your business & 37% of them will visit your business!

Can you afford NOT to contact an Edmonton SEO firm?

VNet Consulting, Edmonton SEO specialists, will generate new leads and clients for your growing business. Whether you need internet marketing, a website developed, search engine optimization, or web hosting, VNet Consulting will work with you to take your growing business straight to the top of the web rankings of the internet rankings of the search engines.

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