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The Number One Rule For A Professional Business On The Internet: Be Found Online

By: Jim Warholic

Many B2B and B2C companies lose track of the number one rule when a website is first launched online. Much effort goes into the Wow factor, with trying to make the site a flash advertisement or spending ten or twenty thousand dollars or more with a graphic design artist that knows very little about marketing from a SEO, Search Engine Optimization standpoint. In fact many of these graphic designed sites provide very little substance when it pertains to SEO.

Most of these websites can not be found online.

The majority of companies in the world are the small business types. They do not have the brand recognition of a Sears, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or Dell. Because of the brand recognition from large companies, it is very easy to find these sites online. On the other hand, small business sites may be known by their company branding in a particular market segment but not by new customers searching for what products or services are provided.

Do you think they didn’t use a Website Consultant ?

Web branding is particularly a problem in the consumer services fields such as: Realtors, Attorneys, Insurance Agents, Doctors, and Dentists. Many of these consumer services fields have taken a cookie cutter approach to building a website. In many instances the websites are built using a frame approach. This makes it very easy to put the website together for new individuals but the content is not original and can not be properly cataloged by the search engines to be included in the results for the business keywords and key phrases. Take for example a Realtor with a website from a company that produces thousands with a template driven frame system. The only difference between Realtor number one and number two is the picture and maybe the graphics on the pages. All the content within the pages are the same for all Realtors using this approach. With the large increase of Realtors in California alone, how much sense does it make, that a new site with the same content is going to show up in the SERP, search engine results pages?

To be fair, while this frame approach does have certain drawbacks from a search standpoint there are some good qualities to consider. Many of the sites have built in CRM, Customer Relation Management software that makes it very easy to maintain contact with leads and customers on an ongoing basis.

Customized Websites Internet Marketing Solutions

No need to re-invent the wheel.

Customized Real Estate Websites and others can be designed and built around the frames of the cookie cutter style. This has the advantage of being able to include the CRM software and other marketing and advertising features. This certainly takes more work but the payoff in the long run will be worth it. Search Engines will begin to catalog the information and include it in their search results pages. People searching for the product or service will find the website, particularly if it is targeting a local market segment. See: Local Search Marketing And Advertising

Balancing Internet Marketing And Advertising With Eye Candy

Website functionality and visually appealing features must be balanced by the first rule: being found online. If a website is nothing but eye candy the search engines will not find and catalog it, versus having an all text site will get pretty drab and boring, with very little in the way of conversions (Having a visitor go to the next step i.e. make contact, purchase a product, sign up for a technology and online advertising newsletter, or obtain more information.)

Content Management for Increased Sales

Internet marketing and online advertising is very fluid in the dynamics of search today. Maintaining fresh content is a key to increasing the online sales that can be generated through a website. Updating a site regularly has at least two significant advantages over others. 1: Content will be fresh for regular visitors and will likely result in return trips. 2: Search engine algorithms view updated content as a positive when it comes to ranking in the SERP.

No One Said Search Engine Marketing Was Going To Be Easy

Internet Marketing services Online Advertising Strategies Web Branding solutions

There are well over one hundred factors that play into obtaining good rankings in the SERPs. The time and money costs can be significant for business today. The solution is to leverage the talents and expertise of someone with experience that have put in thousands of hours of testing, analysis, and proven ethical concepts to improve the bottom line for your B2B or B2C business. Contact Professional Web Services, Internet Marketing Services, Online Advertising Strategies, and Web Branding Solutions.

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