The Concept Of Being Sold

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These days considering the strict development of radio and television, marketing and trade have become pretty easy. The same was few years ago. This can, actually, be explained due to the fact that there was quite less competition and the cost of commercial was really funny. Interestingly, the marketing equation looked like that: equip your product with a eye-catchy jingle and repeating it each chance you have. Every time I take my kid to the supermarket, he starts singing the Koolaid jingle, when we walk through the juice isle. In fact, there is pretty easy explanation for such a reaction. The thing is that he always watches this commercial on TV and as a result have learnt this jingle by heart. I must admit that this success belongs to the good advertisements and TV commercials. What is more, every time he sees this juice, he starts begging me purchase him some. This is exactly the situation that the marketers wanted to cause from the very beginning of their advertising campaign.

Thanks to the fact that my kid really manages to make me buy him a pack, this ad can be considered the successful one. Well, the question is why we put up with it. Why do we sit there hour by hour and watch these ads? The answer is simple: it is a kind of entertainment.

Actually, instead of watching TV we would have to read about different news. Frankly speaking, within years the demand for television advertising has risen while the time available to air these ads has dropped.

Owing to this fact, the need to raise the prices for advertising campaign has appeared. Besides, the time allowed for the commercial has dropped as well. Indeed, the struggle of demand finally pushed out the small companies that used previously to advertise on the television. Usually after cramming the immense number of ads into the small amount of time, people start perceiving them less strong.

Of course, nowadays people are tired of being sold by any chance. This is not because people enjoy hearing various ads, but with an advancement of Internet people have realized that they have the wide choice to select from and decide which ad to watch and which one to ignore. The bright example, actually, is the watching of different walls people create in order to block unsolicited ads. What is more, people used to guard their e-mails with spam blockers, and their phones with caller ID or a call filter service. In addition, they actively utilize Internet browsers such as Mozilla’s Firefox in order to block advertisements from penetrating into the website you visit at this very moment. Finally, I would like to repeat once again that people are fed up with being sold and they simply ignore all ads that the marketers, from their side, would like to catch their attention with.

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