Don’t Ignore These Squeeze Page Conversion Tips

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If you’re struggling to advance your online business to a higher level, then you may not be benefiting from one of the most essential elements needed for success. This element is a well crafted squeeze page that is designed to help you collect the visitor’s contact information such as their emails.

Herding traffic to your webpage is growing more and more challenging every single day. Despite having a lot of information online driving visitors to your site, it’s still a difficult task. As the Internet continues to grow and everyone gets their businesses online, the competition will continue to increase as well. You can maximize your marketing campaign results and make the most out of each and every visitor that comes to your site by getting their e-mail address for future contact. Clearly, once you have a way to get in touch with your visitors, you can find them again in the future when you have special offers that might appeal to them. And of course, there’s no cost for the free, targeted traffic that comes from emails – and don’t forget the advantages of converting. You will be able to effectively get the e-mail addresses from all of your site’s visitors if you have a finely tuned and well designed squeeze page.Affiliate Gameplan

One of the most prominent and important items on your site is the headline; this is an important tool that can lead to conversions because it is the first noticeable item for viewers when they land on the page. You need to have a title that will grab the reader’s attention so they take the time to stop and read your whole page. You only get a moment to grasp the attention of a visitor before he will wander off to another site. You may need to try out a few titles to see which one gets the most conversions, then consider that the best one and sitick with it from then on. It is crucial that you get your visitor’s attention with a truly dynamic headline which makes it impossible for them to leave without reading further. But to everything to fall in place, it’s also important to have your headline in sync with the content on your squeeze page. It has to be consistent with the rest of page so that the flow is maintained. How do you do this in the most effective way? A great strategy is to present your visitor with the most enticing benefit they will receive from you when they present you with their contact information. You need to let him know how your free offering will benefit them, their lives and businesses and tell them why they need it.

When you’re requesting contact information from your prospect, only request the essential info. When you design your opt-in form, make sure it only asks for the necessary information that you need to establish contact with the visitor. You do not need the visitor’s mailing address or phone number unless they make a purchase and you need it for shipping. Only ask for this if you truly need it, and you rarely will. Many visitors will be uncomfortable and will quickly navigate away from your page when they’re asked to provide a lot of unnecessary contact information. Contacting your visitors by email should be your first priority, and so you only need two fields on your page that ask for names and email addresses.Affiliate Gameplan

In the end, you will have to try many different layout combinations to determine which page elements yield you the most effective squeeze page; however, if you keep searching, you are bound to find a successful combination.

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