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This is a YourNetBiz review from an expert, You would be wise to learn all the facts about this company before you make a decision to join up, this article will show you some important information that you must know.

Recently I came across YourNetBiz and it looks like an interesting product so I decided to take a look at it.

Being a direct sales product it’s not your typical mlm pay plan arrangement, the reward for selling this on the front end is $2k and you will also be paid for every sale on your 1st level an amount of $500, certainly not to be sniffed at.

In your standard mlm company you will make more sales because of the lower startup cost, but with YourNetBiz you will probably go through more leads before you get a sale as it costs $3,000 to get in at the top level.

But given the commission payout it makes pay-per-click very viable if you are not already getting leads on a daily basis through an established website.

YourNetBiz, What Exactly Is It?

Launched in May 2009 and co-founded by Rob Hannley & Dave Garven it is an online training and coaching organization, it was previously known as My Internet Business (MIB). MIB & YourNetBiz are the same company. I can find no negative reasons for the name change.

What do you get


Essentially this is a home business franchise in a ‘box’ which is based online. When looking at what you get for the money I only looked at the top entry level of ‘platinum’ as in my opinion joining below this level is plain silly.

1) You will get a complete suite of over 2000 digital products covering 88 different niches, these products you will have full re-sale rights to, so you can market them individually to earn a substantial amount of money. The information marketing industry really is taking off right now.

2) In your complete online sales & marketing system you will have lead capture pages which you are able to fully customize to you. I have been told by YNB members that it’s better to create your own though, but this is not difficult to do, a business tour site for your prospects to look through, video presentations and well written sales copy sell the business to your prospect. Automatic payments are taken via SW Reg, SW Reg will charge you about $50 per transaction. You will also have your own retail website for selling the information products.

3) You will get your own personal business assistant who will actually speak to your prospects and close the sale for you! Some folks don’t like prospecting on the telephone but it makes no odds as you can have it done for you. This effectively allows you to completely automate your business.

4) You will have full access to high class training on internet marketing which will show you how to start making money with this system in the shortest time possible. There are also weekly web training calls.

5) With the platinum package you also have the holiday package ‘Primo vacations’ included. This product is a holiday club and offers up to 80% discounts on some of the top resorts across the world, you really can get some great holiday deals and accommodation at silly low prices. If you love holidays then this package alone makes the cost of YourNetBiz worth it. There is $500 to be made from each sale of you decide to promote this business on its own.

Can I make money with YourNetBiz?

Yes you can! People in this business are making more than $10K a month without that much effort in all honesty, I have spoken to some of them personally. But look, if you are new to internet marketing then this along with any other business is not one you can walk straight into and make money overnight. If a YourNetBiz rep tells you that you can, then they are lying and probably should be reported to YNB head office. There are marketing rules and regulations laid down by YNB in order to protect the consumer.

Marketers are not allowed to make pie in the sky claims.

To be a top earner with YourNetBiz you must know how to market online like a pro. James Hicks has taught countless people how to succeed in this business, to learn how you also can have exponential success visit his Network Marketing success blog.

Check out realistic things to know about the topic of internet marketing – go through this web page. The times have come when proper information is truly within your reach, use this chance.

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