What Is E-Mentoring And Who Needs It?

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E-Mentoring is defined by Wikipedia as a means of providing a guided mentoring relationship using online software or email. Today this has evolved into some really neat features and benefits. Here are a few of them.

1. Email is still one of the most fantastic inventions of all time. Being mentored by somebody via email makes it very easy to communicate with people at virtually no cost.

It really makes no difference where you are in the world because you can instantaneously receive email from your mentor. This includes accessing training via attachments such as PDF files and other means.

As a mentor it is a great way to build a clientele base worldwide.

As a person being mentored it allows you to get access to people you might not otherwise be able to reach.

There are fantastic mentors living in virtually every part of the world.

2. Today there are even more ways to be mentored than at any time before. For example you can talk to your mentor via Skype and not spend any money to do it.

You do this thru your computer speakers or you can even access video conferencing if you have a web cam. This makes it a great way to build relationships with your mentor or with potential clients if you are the one doing the mentoring.

3. Social networking sites are all a rage and these are perfect for e-mentoring. You can set up specific groups within Facebook for example and post all kinds of things for your customers to read.

Twitter is a way to allow for instant access to any of your followers. You can set up separate accounts to build your business with Twitter and to mentor people separately.

4. Discussion forums or another fantastic way to receive e-mentoring. Private forums today are weeding out some of the less serious marketers to allow only access for people serious about making money.

As a mentor you can set up a private discussion forum where you interact with all of your members. This is a great way for the members to interact with each other as well.

The advice comes from private discussion forums is usually more reliable than the free-form where you never know about the quality of information you are receiving.

5. One final point I want to make is videos have become an excellent marketing toolbar and also a great way to mentor people. Creating videos on the Internet today is not difficult to do and posting them online is very fast as well. You can do e-mentoring by adding videos to your own personal blog for your customers to access which is very easy also.

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